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Are you looking to get to Hosidius? Maybe you’d just like to explore the Kingdom of the Great Kourend, regardless of your intentions–we’ve got you covered. Here are the best ways to travel to Hosidius in OSRS.

This article is part of our osrs world map Travel for Beginners Guide.

As always, the first method is noob-friendly and doesn’t hold any quest or skill requirements. Further down the list, better travel options are revealed but these are often locked behind drops, skills, and Hosidius Favour.

Why Can’t I teleport to Hosidius?

Before you can teleport to Hosidius, you must have visited Hosidius at least once. This is the only requirement to unlock the city of Hosidius and other cities of the Great Kourend.

You should probably also start and finish the entry-level quest ‘X marks the spot’ which functions as an introduction to the Great Kourend before planning your visit to Hosidius, but this is not a requirement.

5 ways to travel to Hosidius

Use the navigation below to skip forward to a travel method for which you meet the requirements.

Travel methodRequirements
1. VeosNone
2. Skills Necklace12,000GP (to purchase from the Grand Exchange)
3. Xerics TalismanXeric’s Talisman (untradeable drop from Lizardmen)
4. House TeleportHouse located in Hosidius
25 Construction
– House Teleport Tabs or 40 Magic
5. Tithe Farm Teleport100% Hosidius Favour

1. Veos

The first time you visit Hosidius, you must speak with Veos and ask him to take you to Port Piscarilius. This is the only way to unlock the upcoming teleportation methods to Hosidius. For new players, this may be the only way they travel to Hosidius for the time being.

Location:Port Sarim

Veos is located on the docks of Port Sarim, just underneath the pub.

veos will sail you to port piscarilius which is witin walking distance of hosidius

You can get to Port Sarim by walking there from Draynor Village.

location of veos in port sarim

Once you have asked Veos to take you to Port Piscarilius, you can walk in the southwest direction towards Hosidius as illustrated below.

veos will take you to port piscarilius northeast of hosidius

2. Skills Necklace

Requirements:12,000GP to purchase from Grand Exchange

The first teleportation method to Hosidius which holds no requirements is by using the Skills Necklace. You can purchase the Skills Necklace for around 12,000 GP from the Grand Exchange. As it’s pricey, this might not be accessible to new players who are strapped for cash. For obvious reasons, this method is also not available to ironmen account until they can craft their own skills necklaces.

To teleport to Hosidius using a Skills Necklace, choose option #5: Woodcutting Guild.

the skills necklace can take you to the woodcutting guild which isn't far from hosidius

The Woodcutting Guild is located just southwest of Hosidius. Even players with low agility can easily run this path without running out of energy.

here is the walk from the woodcutting guild to hosidius

3. Xeric’s Talisman

One of the best ways to get to Hosidius is to use the Xeric’s Talisman to teleport to Xeric’s Glade. However, this does require you to have a Xeric’s Talisman in the first place, which is only obtained through a drop from Lizardmen, fought in Shayzien.

Requirements:Xeric’s Talisman (untradeable, drop)

I’d recommend checking out our Shayzien Guide for more info on how to obtain the Xeric’s Talisman.

Once you obtained the Xeric’s talisman as a drop, you can use charge it with Lizardman fangs (also dropped by Lizardmen), at which point the necklace becomes active and you can use it to teleport to Xeric’s Glade (aka Hosidius).

the xerics talisman can take you to hosidius when you teleport to xeric's glade
Xeric’s Glade teleports you directly into Hosidius.

4. Teleport to House

Another handy way to get to Hosidius is to relocate your house to Hosidius and use the ‘teleport to house’ spell (lvl 40 Magic) or House Teleport tablets (Grand Exchange) to teleport there.

Requirements:House located in Hosidius
25 Construction
8,750GP relocation cost
40 Magic (only if using spellbook)

To relocate your house to Hosidius, visit any of the Estate agents in Gielinor. They are located in major towns including:

You will need 25 Construction to relocate your house to Hosidius.

Once relocated, you can teleport to the house portal in Hosidius whenever you teleport to your house. This is very convenient if you do not yet have access to the Xeric’s Talisman and need a faster travel method than Veos or Skills Necklace.

if you relocate your house to hosidius, you can use the house teleport to travel to hosidius

5. Tithe Farm Mini game

Players with 100% Hosidius Favour can use the Tithe Farm mini-game teleport in the Grouping Menu.

Requirements:100% hosidius favour

If you want to gain favour, check out our 100% Hosidius Favour Guide.

This is yet another great teleport option and alternative to the Xeric’s Talisman or even Skills Necklace. If you want to use it, simply head over to your grouping menu, look for Tithe Farm, and hit teleport.

Keep in mind that since this is a grouping teleport, you can only use it once every 20 minutes.

the grouping teleport to 'tithe farm' can teleport you to hosidius if you have 100% hosidius favour

Tithe farm is located inside Hosidius, southeast of the market.

tithe farm is located inside hosidius

Final Remarks

That’s about it for the best teleport and travel options to Hosidius. As you can see, you can get to Hosidius with absolutely zero requirements if you travel through Veos or purchase a Skills Necklace from the Grand Exchange. If you want faster options, consider relocating your home, getting the Xeric’s talisman, or unlocking 100% Hosidius Favour.


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