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Need to temporarily increase your Herblore level in OSRS? Maybe you need a particular level for a Quest or Achievement Diary? This guide’s got you covered. Here are all the ways you can temporarily boost your herblore level.

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3 ways to Boost Your Herblore level in OSRS

Botanical Pie (+4 boost)

The easiest way to boost your Herblore level is by eating a Botanical Pie. Botanical pies boost your Herblore by 4 levels.

Regular/main accounts can buy Botanical Pies from the Grand Exchange. So if you need to boost your Herblore for only 4 levels, this is by far the best boosting method available to you.

To make a Botanical Pie yourself (for example as an Ironman), you need the following ingredients:

  • Golonova Fruit Top
  • Pie Shell

You also need 52 Cooking to bake a Botanical Pie. If you don’t have the levels, you can boost your Cooking Level to cook the Botanical Pie.

Further down in this article, I’ll explain the steps to make a Botanical pie as well as how to obtain the Golonova Fruit Top for ironmen.

Spicy Stew using Brown Spice (up to +5 boost)

Spicy Stew Boosting offers a way to boost your Herblore Level 5 levels without many requirements. This is the only way to obtain a +5 Herblore boost in OSRS.

Spicy Stews have the ability to give you a temporary boost between 0-5 levels in a bunch of different skills, including Herblore. Which skill is boosted, and for how many levels, is entirely up to RNG. So this method is only handy if you need to boost for an Achievement Diary or Quest Requirement.

To unlock the ability to make Spicy Stews, you will need to complete RFD: Evil Dave.

Main/regular accounts are better off buying Botanical Pies, unless they need a +5 level boost. In this case, they can purchase regular stews and brown spice from the Grand Exchange and combine them in the hope of getting the +5 Herblore boost they need.

To boost Herblore with Spicy Stews, you need to add 3 doses of brown spice to a regular stew.

P.S. Ironman can buy Regular stews in the Warriors Guild.

Ironman can obtain Brown Spice by killing the Hell-rat Behemoth in the Southern room. TIP: Wily Cats are the best for this job. Using raw Karambwanji is the best food as they are stackable.

Greenmans Ale (+1 boost)

Finally, players can boost their Herblore by drinking a Greenman’s Ale. This ale has two variants: regular and mature with the regular granting a +1 and the mature version granting a +2 herblore boost.

Greenmans Ale can be bought from the Grand Exchange by regular accounts as an alternative to Botanical Pies.

If you wish to make your own Greenmans Ale using the Brewing minigame, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 2 Barley Malt
  • 2 Bucket of Water
  • Harralander
  • Ale Yeast

Note: it takes between 1 and 1.5 days for Greenmans’ Ale to ferment.

How to make Botanical Pies

how to make botanical pies in osrs which grant a +4 herblore boost

To make Botanical Pies do the following steps:

  • Add Pastry dough to Pie Dish to create Pie Shell
  • Add Golonova Fruit Top to the Pie Shell
  • Cook the Botanical Pie

To obtain Pastry dough, use a bucket of water on a pot of flour.

Golonova Fruit Tops can be obtained by stealing from Fruit Stalls.

Consider using the Bake Pie spell on the Lunar Spellbook to ensure you don’t burn your Botanical pie.


Those are all the ways you can temporarily increase your herblore level in OSRS. The best option for regular accounts is to simply buy a Botanical Pie from the Grand Exchange and use that to obtain a +4 boost. If you need a +5 herblore boost, you will have to buy Stews & Brown spice to make a bunch of Spicy Stews and consume them in the hope of getting the correct boost.

Ironman can steal from fruit stalls to obtain Golonova Fruit Tops and make Garden Pies that way. Alternatively, they can also make Spicy Stews but this process can be a little painful, especially since it’s RNG based.

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