osrs fresh start worlds - everything you need to know about this new gamemode

Fresh Start Worlds have been announced by Jagex as the new gamemode coming to OSRS. This gamemode will allow players to experience OSRS as if it were 2013. In Fresh Start worlds everyone will start anew in Lumbridge and try to thrive under a brand new economy. This is an exciting update for anyone who is new or returning to the game.

If you have any friends who are interested in OSRS (or were a fan of Runescape back in the day) but aren’t sure about starting anew in a world where everyone has high stats and gear already then Fresh Start Worlds are exactly what they have been waiting for.

What are Fresh Start Worlds?

Fresh Start Worlds are brand new worlds that are being added to OSRS which will allow players to experience OSRS as if the game was completely new. This means that EVERY player in these worlds will start at combat level 3 with no items, quests or skills. These worlds will exist apart from OSRS servers and thus have their own economy, hiscores, and achievement system. Although these servers are fresh, they will still include all content that exists in current OSRS including Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, Tombs of Amascut and more. Additionally, these fresh worlds will also be updated whenever the current OSRS servers get an update.

After 6 months, the Fresh Start Worlds will merge with current OSRS worlds which means your fresh account will become a regular account in OSRS. For this reason, you’ll need a brand new OSRS account going into this gamemode.

This coming gamemode is exciting news for new and returning players who want to experience Old School Runescape in its full glory without being surrounded by high-level accounts.

If you miss the early days, when EVERYONE was a noob in Runescape, and want to experience what it was like to feel good about walking around in a full mithril set of armour, than this gamemode is definitely for you.

How Fresh Start Worlds Work?

Opt-in System

Everyone who wants access to Fresh Start Worlds (FSW) will have to create a brand new OSRS account. On these accounts, they will have to make a choice at the end of Turorial Island to either join the main worlds of OSRS or join FSW.

Joining FSW will mean that these players can only play on FSW worlds and will play amongst other new players in these world with their own economy that is completely separate from main worlds.

Opting in for FSW worlds is kind of a no-brainer for a new account as you can choose to opt out at any point.

⚠️ keep in mind that you can only create an FSW account from tutorial island. You cannot turn your main account or a new account into a FSW account.

how to create an Fresh Start World account in osrs
Image by OSRS

Achievement System

To spice things up, Fresh Start Worlds will come with an Achievement System. Through this system, you will gain points for doing in-game tasks such as Quests, Clue Scrolls, Achievement Diaries, gaining total levels, and more.

how the achievement system works in fresh start worlds in osrs
what the achievement interface looks like. Image by OSRS

Your Achievement Points (AP) will be visible in your Achievement Interface (the same place where you view Quests and Achievement Diaries).

achievement points in osrs fresh start worlds
Image by OSRS

The Achievement System is a nice bonus for these new worlds but doesn’t come with a reward system. They are only put in place to give you a sense of progression on your FSW account.

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Fresh Start World Hiscores

One of the big allures of the FSW gamemode will be that it will have its own hiscores. Are you going to be the next Zezima to be #1 in the world?

Worlds First

Aside from gaining Achievement Points, players can also achieve a ‘World’s First’ by being the first player that does something big on these servers. E.g. being the first player to kill Jad and get a fire cape.

Whenever a World’s First is achieved, the server will broadcast it in the chatbox.

Example of world first’s:

  • First to win a boss fight
  • First to achieve high-level drop
  • First to hit a 99 in a skill
  • First to complete a quest
  • First to get a pet

Opting Out (can you opt-out?)

At any time, you can opt out of the Fresh Start Worlds and join the main servers. You can easily opt out through the Achievement Interface (image above).

⚠️ Beware that the decision to opt-out of FSW worlds is irreversible.

Six Month Timeline

The Fresh Start Worlds will only be live for 6 months. After this period, these worlds will be merged with the main game and thus every FSW account will become a main game account.

Once the 6-month period is over the HiScores will be frozen and no one will be able to log into Fresh Start Worlds.

When will Fresh Start World’s be released in OSRS?

Fresh Start Worlds are scheduled to launch on October 19th 2022 and will run until April 19th, 2023.

Why play on Fresh Start Worlds?

The most significant incentive to play on Fresh Start Worlds is to experience what it was like to play Old School Runescape (or Runescape) on release. Back when nobody had 99 in any skill and the economy was in its early form. This means that you can experience early levels and quests in OSRS in all its glory when EVERYONE is doing them. It’s that same fun that the early days of Group Ironman brought as well when everyone was starting a new account to play with their friends. Additionally, the game will have a fresh economy meaning trading will once again have meaning and not just exist around the Grand Exchange. Furthermore, since the economy will be new it will also mean you can’t just buy the items you need to progress in the game, you might have to grind for them yourself. An Abyssal Whip is suddenly much harder to come by as it would require players in these new worlds to reach lvl 85 slayer (and who knows how much they would sell it for?) And even smaller items such as the Rune Scimitar which can’t be bought from stores will be harder to come by.

These fresh worlds will allow players to experience both the glory and struggles of the early days of OSRS servers.

This is the ideal scenario for any returning or NEW players who want to get into OSRS but are turned off by the idea of ‘starting anew’ amongst maxed players. Additionally, it’s also fun for existing players who already have high-level accounts to experience the early days once again if they wish.

Fresh Start Worlds FAQ

Will these Fresh Worlds replace OSRS as we know it?

No. Fresh Start Worlds and the main game will be live at the same time. Players can choose to join FSW servers but they don’t have to. FSW servers will NOT replace the main game.

To reiterate, you do not have to start over if you don’t want to.

Can you opt-out of Fresh Start Worlds?

You’ll be able to opt out of Fresh Start Worlds at any time by clicking the opt-out button in the Achievement Interface.

Should I start a Fresh Start World?

Whether or not fresh start worlds are for you are entirely up to you and your expectations. If you are a new player coming to OSRS, Fresh Start Worlds will offer you the nicest possible experience as you’ll be experiencing the game again amongst other new, returning, and existing players who are also starting a fresh account. The community vibes will make this worth it for sure.

However, if you are an existing player, it really depends on what you want out of this. After 6 months, your account will be merged with the original OSRS servers. At this point, you will likely return to your main account as this new account won’t have nearly the same stats. So it could have been a fun experience for those 6 months but it might also feel like a waste of time. It’s very important that you figure this out beforehand. Of course, you can also start a fresh start world to experience the early days of OSRS in all its glory while AFKing on your main account which is definitely what I’ll be up to.