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Training Prayer in Free-to-Play is different from members, as you can’t use any altar to get more experience out of your bones.

The only way you can get experience is to bury your bones.

This means you’ll get 4.5 exp for a regular bone, 15 exp for a big bone, and 72 exp for a dragon bone.

The experience may seem slow, comparing it to P2P training methods, but it’s actually quite good.

I did the math, and to get to 43 Prayer, which is the highest unlock in F2P, you’ll have to bury 3,292 big bones.

Meaning you’ll need to kill 3K+ monsters that drop big bones (e.g. Giant Frogs or Hill Giants).

By the time you’re done with this, you’ll have around 50-55 Attack, Strength, & Defence and your combat level will be between levels 60-65.

Those are solid combat stats for F2P!

So yes it will be a bit of a grind, but it’ll be totally worth it.

There are two ways to go about training prayer, and I kind of already spoiled them earlier:

  • Giant Frogs: the fast way (but you make no money)
  • Hill Giants: the slower way (but you’ll make around coins osrs 800K in total profit)

I know which one I’d pick!

Before you do anything else, you should complete the quest ‘The Restless Ghost‘ which only takes a couple of minutes but will take you directly to level 9 Prayer.

Two ways to train prayer

Combat Training at Giant Frogs

giant frogs drop big bones which give prayer exp

If you defeat 3,292 Giant Frogs to get 43 Prayer, you’ll have 50 attack/strength/defence by the time you’re finished.

This is considered ‘the fast way’ because Giant Frogs have very few hitpoints compared to Hill Giants, meaning you’ll get more kills/hr.

However, Giant Frogs can be extremely crowded in F2P (it’s often botted) meaning you might even be faster at Hill Giants.

You can find Giant Frogs in the Lumbridge swamp as illustrated on the map below.

giant frogs location

Combat Training at Hill Giants

hill giants' drops provide you with prayer exp and money

Defeating 3,292 Hill Giants takes a little while longer, BUT

  • You’ll make around 820K profit (avg loot is 250 GP/hill giant)
  • You’ll be around 65-70 combat
  • And you’ll stack up Giant Keys which allow you to take on the F2P boss Obor in the future!

Another bonus at Hill Giants is that sometimes other players leave big bones on the floor, pick those bad boys up for some free prayer exp!

There are two Hill Giant spots in F2P.

The first one is the one in the Varrock Sewers, which you can access from this hut southwest of the Grand Exchange. To open the hut, you’ll need to bring a ‘brass key’ which you can buy from the Grand Exchange.

hill giants location 1

The second location is the ‘Giants Plateau’ in Al Kharid. This is a lesser-known spot so it might be good if you find the Varrock Sewers to be too crowded.

hill giants backup location


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