osrs efficient herb running guide

Herb running can be extremely profitable (and fun) daily activity in osrs when done efficiently. You can easily make over 100K per trip, this efficient osrs herb running guide shows you exactly how.

An efficient trip shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes. In order to do efficient farm runs, you’ll have to do some quests and achievement diaries to access the best teleportation methods.

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Farming Equipment

Magic Secateurs

Magic Secateurs are a reward item from Fairytale part 1 quest which give a 10% increase in herb yield over regular secateurs. 

Bottomless bucket

Always use Ultracompost

Always use ultracompost which increases the herb yield by 20% over supercompost. 

Farmer’s outfit/graceful

farmer's outfit osrs

The farmer’s outfit is a reward from the Tithe Farm minigame. The full set gives you a 2.5% exp boost which can be an added bonus but is not necessary. Good f for fashionscape though. If you don’t have the farmer’s outfit or many teleportation methods unlocked it’s recommended to wear weight-reducing pieces like graceful.

Inventory Setup

Fastest Herb Running Route

Keep in mind that if you have every teleportation method unlocked, the order you do your herb run in doesn’t matter too much. If you’re combining it with fruit tree or regular tree runs the farming guild is a good place to start. 

Most of the teleportation methods hold quest/achievement diary requirements which will be listed below.

Patch LocationTeleportation MethodAlternativeMap
Morytania PatchEctophialFairy Ring ALQport phasmatys herb patch
Catherby PatchCatherby teleport (lunar)/P-O-HCamelot teleport
Catherby herb farming patch
Ardougne PatchArdougne cloak 2+Fairy Ring BLRardougne herb farming patch
Falador PatchExplorer’s ring 2+Glory teleport – Draynor Village/falador teleportfalador herb farming patch
Hosidius PatchXeric’s TalismanTithe farm mini-game teleporthosidius herb farming patch
Weiss PatchIcy Basalt
weiss herb patch
Trollheim PatchStony BasaltTrollheim teleporttrollheim herb farming patch
Harmony Island PatchHarmony Island Teleport
harmony island herb patch
Farming GuildSpirit tree in P-O-H/Jewelery boxSkills necklace/Fairy ring CIR

Patches that require quests to unlock

Every player has access to the basic herb patches in Catherby, Falador, Ardougne and Morytania unlocked but there are some extra patches that can be unlocked with quests.

Trollheim Patch

trollheim herb farming patch

The trollheim patch is disease-free patch that is unlocked after the quest My Arm’s Big Adventure. You can teleport here using a trollheim teleport but for maximum efficiency you’ll want to complete the Making Friends With My Arm quest which unlocks a direct teleport. 

Weiss Patch

weiss herb patch

The Weiss is another disease-free patch that is located in the North of Gielinor. To unlock this patch you need to complete the quests Making Friends With My Arm, this quest also unlocks the “icy basalt” which offers a direct teleport to the patch. 

Harmony Island Patch

harmony island herb patch

To unlock the Harmony Island patch you need to complete The Great Brain Robbery quest but also the Morytania Elite Diary. Since the Morytania Elite Diary has high-level requirements such as 96 fishing and 84 crafting it is considered end-game content so not many players actually run this patch. You can use the Arceuus spell book teleport to get here. 

Farming Guild Patch

farming guild herb petch

The farming guild patch doesn’t require quests to unlock but instead it requires 60% Hosidius and 45 farming to enter (65 farming is required to access the herb patch). The farming guild is located in the Kebos Lowlands and you can teleport with a skills necklace. Another option is the fairy ring code C I R. 

Teleportation methods to farm patches

Herb runs are incredibly profitable because you can do them every 80 minutes and they take up very little time. Of course, in order to have quick herb runs you need to have the most efficient teleportation methods ready. These items can be obtained through questing and achievement diaries.

Ardougne cloak 2-4

ardougne cloak osrs herb farm running

The Ardougne cloak is a reward from the Ardougne diaries. Starting from the medium diaries (ardy cloak 2) you get 3 teleports to the Ardougne herb patch per day. 5 teleports once you complete the hard diaries and unlimited teleports once you complete the elite diaries. 

Ardougne Cloak 1Rune Mysteries, Biohazard15 thieving and 15 fishing No teleports to farm patch
Ardougne Cloak 2Start Fairy Tale 2, Plague city, Enlightened Journey, The hand in the Sand, Start Sea slug, Watchtower, Tower of life and Underground Pass39 Agility, 38 strength, 21 ranged, 31 farming, 51 magic, 50 firemaking, 49 crafting, 38 thieving and 50 attack3 daily teleports
Ardougne Cloak 3Legends’ Quest, Monkey Madness 1 (partial completion), Mourning’s End 266 magic, 72 thieving, 59 hunter, 70 farming, 68 smithing, 50 construction and 65 runecrafting5 daily teleports
Ardougne Cloak 4Haunted Mine, Desert Treasure81 fishing, 91 cooking, 82 thieving, 10 crafting, 91 smithing, 69 fletching, 85 farming, 90 agility and 94 magicUnlimited daily teleports

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Explorer’s ring 2-3

explorers ring osrs herb farm running

The Explorer’s ring is a reward from the Lumbridge and draynor diaries. Starting from the medium diaries (explorer’s ring 2) you get 3 daily teleports to the herb patch in falador. The explorer’s ring 3 will grant you unlimited daily teleports. 

Explorer’s ring 1Rune Mysteries, Cook’s Assistant5 runecrafting, 7 slayer, 10 agility, 15 fishing and 15 miningno teleports to the farm patch
Explorer’s ring 2Animal Magnetism, Lost city20 agilit, 19 strength, 50 ranged, 31 magic, 30 fishing, 38 crafting, 30 woodcutting, 38 thieving, 70 combat, 42 hunter and 23 runecrafting3 daily teleports
Explorer’s ring 3Lost city, Tears of Guthix, Another Slice of H.A.M and Recipe for Disaster60 magic, 46 agility, 59 runecrafting, 57 woodcutting, 175 quest points, 63 farming, 65 firemaking, 52 prayer and 70 craftingunlimited daily teleports


ectophial herb farming run

The Ectophial is a quest reward from the Ghost’s Ahoy quest. Emptying it will teleport you to the ectofuntus which is close to the Port Phasmatys herb patch. Requirements for Ghosts Ahoy are the Priest in Peril quest and the Restless Ghost. You’ll also need 25 agility and 20 cooking. 

Stony and Icy Basalt

The stony and icy basalt are quest rewards from the Making Friends With My Arm quest. The stony basalt will teleport you directly to the Trollheim patch and the icy basalt will teleport you to the Weiss herb patch. After completing the quest you can create and use these items. You can also buy them from the Grand Exchange and add them to your portal nexus in your P-O-H. 

Making friends with my arm has quite a bit of requirements:

  • 66 firemaking, 72 mining, 35 construction and 68 agility
  • My arms big adventure, Eadgar’s ruse, druidic ritual, troll stronghold, death plateau, the feud, jungle potion, swan song, one small favour, rune mysteries, shilo village, garden of tranquillity, creature of fenkenstrain, cold war and romeo and juliet

Xeric’s talisman

Using the Xeric’s Glade teleport on the talisman, you can be teleported to the Hosidius herb patch. You can get the talisman by killing lizardman, brutes and shamans. The drop rate is 1/250 and can be increased to 1/125 by completing the easy Kourend & Kebos Diary. 

The dropped talisman will need to be charged with lizardman fangs before you can use it to teleport. These are also dropped by the same monsters or can be bought from the grand exchange. 

Fairy Ring Network

The fairy ring network can be unlocked by starting Fairy Tale part 2. You need the ramen staff from Fairy Tale part 1 to use the network. With the fairy ring network you can teleport to many locations within Gielinor, including a couple of herb patches.

From level 85 (77 with spicy stew + crystal saw) construction you can build a fairy ring in your P-O-H making the use of fairy rings a lot more efficient. 

Ardougne Herb PatchCode: BLR
Port Phasmatys PatchCode: ALQ
Farming Guild PatchCode: CIR

Player-Owned-House for Efficient Herb Running

If you have a high construction level, you can really utilise your player-owned-house for your daily herb runs. For example at level 85 you have access to the fairy ring network which you can place in a superior garden. You can also place a spirit tree at level 75 construction and 83 farming which you can connect to a spirit tree in the farming guild. 

On top of that you can setup a portal nexus to locations such as: Weiss, Trollheim and Catherby. 

Jewelery box

Which seed/herb to plant

Always use the herb farming calculator before deciding which herb to be running. Often players will opt for Ranarr without looking at a calculator. While this herb is profitable all the time, there are often better alternatives.

Toadflax is a very safe herb that always has a very good profit, they are also very low-cost so if you lose one it doesn’t really matter. 

Most profitable herb

The most profitable herb to farm is Snapdragon. (Updated: April 2023)

Source: Herb Farm Calculator

Tips & tricks

Checking up on your patches

You can check up on your patches without being there by using the “time tracking” plugin on the Runelite client. In the plugin interface, you can find out when your patches are ready to harvest. 

You can also use the spell “Geomancy” on the lunar spellbook for this. 

Bring exact amounts

By bringing the exact amounts of seed for every patch, you won’t be able to miss one.

Stick to the same route

Sticking to the same route will train your muscle memory and you’ll increase your farm run speed over time. 

Keep an organised bank tab

This goes without saying, an organised bank tab is very much necessary if you plan on doing multiple daily herb runs. Nobody wants to use the search window to find their seeds multiple times a day. 

Hopefully, this efficient OSRS herb running guide was helpful. You should always use the herb farming price calculator to see which seed is the best for which level. This calculator uses prices directly from the Grand Exchange so it’s always accurate.