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This article covers every Runelite Plugin that you should be using in 2023.

If you are not yet using these new Runelite Plugins, you are definitely missing out.

Our top picks are covered on the top of this article and the remainder of the article is divided between the best Runelite plugins that are native to the Client and some of our favorite Third-Party Plugins.

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The best Native Plugins for Runelite
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Top 5 Runelite Plugins for 2023

1: Quest Helper

The Quest Helper is by far the best plugin Runelite has to offer.

This plugin turns any quest into a breeze. Questing is finally fun!

The Quest Helper guides you through any quest in the game.

It will highlight NPCs you need to talk to, highlight the items you need to pick up, and so forth.

the quest helper runelite plugin helps make questing a lot faster in osrs

On top of that, it will show you where to run as well on both your minimap as well as the game screen.

Quest Helper also highlights the correct answers in a dialogue.

the quest helper plugin also highlights the correct answers during your osrs quest dialogues

Finally, the plugin will tell you exactly which items you need for the quest and indicate whether you have them or not.

  • White means you have the item but it is currently banked
  • Green means the item is currently in your inventory
  • Red means you don’t have the item at all

This plugin also works with Achievement Diaries as well.

If you aren’t using this Runelite Plugin already, you are definitely missing out. Since its release, it has been used a by a large amount of the player base including plenty of Streamers and YouTubers.

Myself I have used this plugin to get barrows gloves on my Group Ironman account and it was AWESOME.

Once you try it, you will never go back to Video Quest Guides. Sorry, Slayermusiq. 🙁

If you are interested, we have an in-depth article on how to install and use the Quest Helper plugin.

2: 117HD

Old School Runescape uses the graphics from 2007. While this is nostalgic to many, a large part of the player base has felt it was time OSRS got an HD version. This is it.

The 117HD plugin turns OSRS into HD OSRS.

And it is AMAZING.

I installed it on day one, and haven’t turned it off since.

You can completely modify the plugin to your preferences and the capabilities of your PC. Even those with a lower-end PC can run this plugin by playing with its settings.

Here is what OSRS looks like with 117HD turned off.

what osrs looks like without hd plugin

And here is what OSRS looks like with 117HD turned on.

what osrs looks like with 117hd plugin

This plugin was much needed and is finally available for us to download from the plugin hub.

If you are interested, we have an in-depth article on how to install and use the 117HD plugin.

3: Menu Entry Swapper

Default toggle: Off

The Menu Entry Swapper is a great Quality of Life plugin for Runelite.

It changes the menu order of items, NPCs, and more.

Here’s an example with a banker.

When you don’t have Menu Entry Swapper enabled, you have to right-click in order to bank. If you were to left-click, you would be speaking to the banker instead.

menu entry swapper toggled off

However, with Menu Entry Swapper toggled on, you can now bank using a left-click.

menu entry swapper is a runelite plugin that allows you to left-click bank

Pretty neat, right?

Banking isn’t the only function that MES helps with, it also helps with skilling (e.g. left-click dismantle birdhouses) and has many other options that you can explore in its settings.

This must-have plugin is turned off by default. (Don’t ask me why)

4: Idle Notfier

Default toggle: Off

The Idle Notifier is a plugin that gives you notifications for certain events when you are not looking directly at your Runelite Client (while you are AFKing).

For example, if you are about to log out due to inactivity, Idle Notifier will give you a notification.

You can enable Idle Notifier to notify you when you stop an action (e.g. Attacking) an animation or interaction.

On top of that, you can also add a notification threshold for your Hitpoints, Prayer, Oxygen, and other events.

idle notifier is a runelite

This way, you don’t have to worry about dying while you are AFKing, Idle Notifier will warn you just in time for you to eat/drink a prayer potion.

Here is an example of a notification made by Idle Notifier:

idle notifier warns you when you are about to log out osrs

5: Time Tracking

Default toggle: On

Time Tracking is a Runelite Plugin that tracks your farming and birdhouse runs for you.

Within this plugin, you can check whether or not your birdhouses are ready to dismantle or your herb/tree patches are ready to harvest.

the time tracking plugin tracks passive skilling activities such as herb runs and birdhouse runs for you

You can also toggle notifications on for any activity by hitting the bell icon.

This plugin can be found in the Runelite Side Menu disguised as a clock icon.

Built-in Runelite Plugins

NPC Aggression Timer

Default toggle: Off

NPC Aggression Timer is a plugin that tracks how long your opponent will be aggressive for.

As you may very well know, aggression only lasts 10 minutes in OSRS.

This plugin is a must-have for anyone who wants to train Slayer while AFK or is AFK training on sand crabs or ammonite crabs.

AFKing becomes SO much easier with NPC Aggression Timer turned on. You can watch Netflix, get some work done and once your opponent becomes unaggressive, it will hit you with a runelite notification.

On top of all that, NPC Aggression Timer shows the exact range of NPC aggression on your game screen. (indicated by the yellow lines on the screenshot above)

This way, when the monsters become unaggressive, you can simply run out of range and back to make them aggressive once again.

This prevents you from having to run too far out of range.

Entity Hider

Default toggle: Off

The Entity Hider is a plugin that can be used to turn off any entity that is bothering you while skilling.

For example, when training smithing at the Blast Furnace, it can be very helpful to make the other players invisible.

what blast furnace looks like without entity hider turned on

The Entity Hider will take care of that for you.

entity hider is a runelite plugin that makes other players dissapear which is great for wintertodt and blast furnace

Another place I love using this is Wintertodt.

Not only will it make your screen a lot less cluttered with players, but it will also help reduce lag.

This is a handy plugin that you definitely won’t be using all the time, but it is good to know that it exists and you can toggle it on whenever necessary.

Ground Markers

Default toggle: On

Ground Markers is a Runelite Plugin that allows you to mark any tile on your screen.

When this plugin is toggled on, you simply shift-click anywhere you want to mark a tile and choose ‘Mark Tile’.

mark a tile with the ground markers runelite plugin

This will highlight that tile in yellow. Shift-clicking that same tile will allows you to remove it or give it a name.

you can unmark and label a tile by shift clicking it

Within its settings, you can change the color, assign a different border width and more.

you can change the color in the ground markers settings

Ground Markers is enabled by default in Runelite. You just have to shift-click anywhere to use it.

This plugin is extremely helpful for skilling, bossing, and certain mini-games.

Tile Indicators

Default toggle: Off

Tile Indicators is a simple Runelite Plugin that highlights the exact tile where you will end up.

tile indicators runelite plugin

This feature is extremely helpful in End-Game activities such as Raids (especially Chambers of Xeric).

I also find it very helpful at Hallowed Sepulchre.

Very simple plugin, it is disabled by default. Just turn it on when you need it.

Ground Items

Default toggle: Off

Ground Items is a plugin that affects how items are displayed when dropped on the floor.

This can be extremely helpful when you are looking for a specific drop.

Any item you are looking for, you can have them highlighted in-game. Just type the item name under Highlighted Items.

In the example below I have highlighted Seaweed Spore.

the ground items runelite plugin allows you to highlight any item you want and add notifications as well as a loot beam to them

What’s nice about this plugin, is that it will also notify you whenever you receive a drop. This makes the plugin extremely useful for when you are AFKing so you don’t miss anything.

This Runelite Plugin also allows you to add loot beams to your drops as well.

loot beams on the ground items runelite plugin

These loot beams can be completely customized to your preferences.

You can assign a color based on its value. This makes your bossing drops look even more exciting!

Kourend Library

Default toggle: Off

This Runelite Plugin turns the Kourend Library into the fastest way to gain Arceuus Favour as well as one of the fastest ways to train Runecrafting and Magic alike for free.

With this plugin, all the books in the Arceuus Library are highlighted for you. Meaning you don’t have to look for them by going over every shelf.

kourend library runelite plugin highlights the books from the shelves for you

Doing this without Runelite is a HUGE PAIN.

But with the Kourend Library plugin, it is a breeze.

It does require some setup first but after that, it is ready to go!

This plugin is featured in-depth in our Arceuus Favour Guide.

Loot Tracker

Default toggle: Off

The Loot Tracker is a must-have plugin that for some reason is turned off by default.

This feature keeps track of the loot you received from monsters and logs it for you.

loot tracker is a runelite plugin that logs loot from monsters for you

Very simple and straightforward. No configuration, just toggle it on and it will start logging for you.

Great for figuring out just how dry you are going on a drop so you can complain about it later on Reddit ;).

Skill Calculator

Default toggle: On

The Skill Calculator plugin adds a calculator to your Runelite Side Menu.

skill calculators are built-in to runelite

With this calculator, you can make calculations of all the skills in the game.

No longer do you need to use external skill calculators, you can just use the one built into Runelite!

This is a time-saver, and it is turned on by default, you just have to know about its existence.


Default toggle: Off

Mining is a plugin that does one simple job: it shows a visual timer (pie scale) on a rock when you are mining.

This helps you to know exactly when the rock will respawn.

mining runelite plugin

By default, this is turned off but you should absolutely have this turned on. It makes mining so much easier.

Motherlode Mine

Default toggle: Off

The Motherlode Mine plugin functions similarly to the mining plugin.

It shows a visual indication of which rocks are available to you inside the Motherlode Mine.

Here is what the Motherlode Mine looks like without the plugin.

motherlode mine plugin turned off

And here is what the Motherlode Mine looks like with the plugin enabled.

the motherlode mine runelite plugin makes training at the motherlode mine much easier

It also has other functions such as showing when the cartwheel is broken, visualizing your pay-dirt sack, highlighting obstacles, and more.

Makes training mining at the Motherlode Mine so much easier.

If you are training here, you absolutely should have this plugin turned on.

Nightmare Zone

Default toggle: Off

The Nightmare Zone plugin makes AFK training at the Nightmare Zone much easier.

This Runelite Plugin is very simple: it gives you notifications when you need to sip an overload or whenever your absorption potions are running low.

On top of that, you can also set it up that it will give you notifications when a power-up is spawning.

Say for example you don’t want to miss a Power Surge, you can set up a notification for that so that you’ll know when one spawns even you are AFKing.

10/10 built-in plugin. It is turned on by default for Runelite but you should definitely customize the settings to your preferences.


Default toggle: Off

The Prayer Plugin gives you a lot of customization options to make praying easier in the game.

Its primary function is the prayer flick helper which helps tell you exactly when you need to flick your prayer.

With this toggled on, a visual reminder in the form of a small line going from left to right will tell you exactly when you need to flick.

prayer runelite plugin makes 1-tick prayer flicking a lot easier

This plugin offers a great way to learn how to 1-tick in-game. Simultaneously, it also helps those who know how to prayer flick but need a visual reminder to keep it up.

Bank Tags

Default toggle: Off

Bank Tags lets you add additional bank tags to the left of your screen.

If you are anything like me, and your bank is a mess, or the 9 default bank tags simply don’t cut it, then you need to use this plugin.

bank tags runelite plugin allows you to beter organise your osrs bank

Some example uses for bank tags:

  • Tab for Sayer tasks
  • Tab for Herb runs
  • Tab for skilling activities
  • Tab for bossing

Me, I simply cannot live without this plugin.

World Hopper

Default toggle: Off

By default, hopping worlds can be a bit of a pain.

The World Hopper plugin makes hopping worlds a lot faster by using keyboard shortcuts to quickly hop to the next or previous world.

By default, the settings are set to CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT to hop to the last world and CTRL + SHIFT + RIGHT to hop to the next world but you can change this to any configuration of your pleasing.

world hopper plugin adds shortcuts to make hopping a lot faster in osrs

Additionally, you can also choose which regions (e.g. US worlds only) you want to hop between.

This plugin makes buying items from different worlds A LOT easier.

It also is useful for evading PKers as pressing the shortcuts is much faster than attempting to log out.

Default World

Default toggle: Off

The Default World plugin will allow boot Runelite with your favorite world ready to go. Everyone has at least one main world that they default to. Maybe it is for ping reasons, or it is simply the world you and your friends decided is yours.

This plugin is a must-have as it saves you some time choosing the correct world when logging in.

default world is a runelite plugin that allows you to set a main world for osrs

By default, this Runelite plugin is toggled on but it needs to be set up. Simply change the number to your main world.

Screen Markers

Default toggle: On

Screen Markers allow you to highlight anything on your screen.

This plugin is helpful for any skilling activity that requires the use of your bank.

screen markers runelite plugin

By using screen markers, you can highlight the items that you are going to be constantly withdrawing from the bank.

This makes skills such as herblore and fletching just a little bit more efficient.

Anti Drag

Default toggle: On

Dragging allows you to move items in your inventory from one spot to the next.

Anti Drag is a plugin that allows you to customize the amount of delay such a drag has.

Increasing the drag delay is useful for situations where you are engaged in combat and need to switch your gear (e.g. when PKing or bossing).

Anti-drag is also useful for fletching bolts/arrows. When you are spam-clicking to create bolts/arrows you don’t want the client to mistake it for you trying to move them around in your inventory. So when you are fletching, you use Anti-Drag.

Object Markers

Default toggle: Off

The best Third Party plugins for Runelite

The following plugins are EXTREMELY helpful but are not native to Runelite. They have to be installed through the Plugin Hub.

[Click Here] to learn how to install them.

Zulrah Helper Plugin

The Zulrah Helper plugin helps you out with rotations on Zulrah.

Simply tell the plugin which phase Zulrah started in and it will tell you the exact rotations.

A very simple plugin that replaces the use of external graphics that are more complicated than helpful.

Banked Experience

This plugin allows you to check just how much experience you have banked in a certain skill.

Say for example you have a number of bones and ensouled heads banked from slayer but you have no idea how many prayer levels that would give you, the Banked Experience plugin can tell you!

how the banked experience runelite plugin works for osrs

In the example above, I have 57,128xp banked in bones and ensouled heads.

I would need 14,246xp to get to level 71.

If you have anything banked that you don’t want this plugin to consider in its calculation, you can simply toggle them off.

In the example screenshot, I have fossils on ignore because I don’t want the plugin to count those.

Skills Progress Bars

Skills Progress is a very simple plugin that modifies your skill tab by visually indicating how close you are to a level through a progress bar.

skills progress bar runelite plugin for osrs

Pretty straightforward, hate it or love it.

Fight Cave Waves

This plugin is a massive help for anyone who wants to defeat JAD and get their fire cape.

By enabling this plugin, a simple UI will be added to your game screen that tells you what wave you are on and which monsters are in this wave.

It also tells you exactly which monsters will show up in the next wave.

This is very handy as in the past you had to have the wiki open in order to figure out which monsters were going to show in the next wave.

You can also set it to only use the common names for the monsters in the fight cave. If toggled, it will say ‘Ranger’ instead of ‘Tok-Xil’.

Mahogany Homes

The Mahogany Homes plugin makes training construction through Mahogany Homes A LOT easier.

This plugin will add a UI to your game screen that tells you where your next client is located.

It will also add a pointer in your mini-map as well as your game screen.

On top of that, it will highlight the furniture to make them easier to see.

If you are an ironman training construction or simply training construction on a budget, this plugin is a must-have as it will definitely increase your experience rates by at least 25% or more.

Kitten Tracker

The Kitten Tracker plugin is a simple plugin that adds an infobox to your game screen which tells you exactly when your kitten will be hungry and require attention.

the kitten tracker plugin for runelite helps you know when your kitten is hungry or require attention

This way, you don’t have to guess when to feed your kitten or when to give them attention.

It also eliminates forgetting about your kitten and having them run away.

Chompy Hunter

This plugin makes hunting chompies for the Western Hard Diary just a little bit easier.

It will highlight chompies for you, making them easier to see. It also puts a timer above them so you know exactly when they will despawn.

The Chompy Hunter plugin also provides a graphic on your game screen that indicates how many chompies you have killed and how many chompies per hour you are killing.

If you are hunting chompies, the Chompy Hunter plugin will help you A LOT.

Menu Entry Swapper Extended

Menu Entry Swapper Extended is an add-on plugin for the Menu Entry Swapper.

While the regular entry swapper covers the most basic functions, the extended version takes it a bit further.

If you ever find something in-game that is a right-click but should be a left-click even after installing the base Menu Entry Swapper, you will definitely find a fix for that in the extended version.

I use this add-on primary for the ‘cast bloom’ function which is helpful when growing fungi, as well as collecting sand from Bert which becomes a left-click instead of a right-click.

It’s worth downloading this plugin just to check out the many Quality of Life changes it can bring for you as well.

Bank Memory

Bank Memory lets you check your bank wherever you are.

Say for example you need to know whether you have a clue scroll in your bank, with the Bank Memory plugin you can search up that exact item and it will tell you whether or not you have it.

What are third party plugins for runelite?

The following plugins are EXTREMELY helpful but are not native to Runelite.

These are uploaded by community members and not continuously updated by Runelite Developers. Thus, Runelite does not vouch for them and applies a ‘use at your own risk’ policy on those.

plugin hub for runelite

That being said, many of the plugins found here (e.g. the Quest Helper and 117HD) are updated so frequently and have such a large user base that they are very unlikely to have many bugs in them.

You can install these plugins through the Plugin Hub.

How to use Install Third Party Plugins for Runelite

To open your plugin hub, first hit the wrench icon (Configuration) in your Runelite Sidebar.

how to install third party plugins for runelite using the plugin hub

Next, click on Plugin Hub at the bottom of your screen.

how to install third party plugins for runelite using the plugin hub

Inside your Plugin Hub, you can search any external plugin you want to install (e.g. Quest Helper)

how to install third party plugins for runelite using the plugin hub

Wrap up

That wraps up our article on the best Runelite Plugins!

Hopefully, you’ve found yourself some new plugins to install.

Or maybe, this article has convinced you to finally install the Runelite client!

If you aren’t sure whether or not the Runelite Client is safe, check out our other article covering exactly that. -> Is Runelite Safe to Use?


Dean started playing Runescape in 2006 when he was just 10 years old and has been playing ever on and off ever since (you never quit OSRS, right?) In 2013 he switched to OSRS Servers and never looked back. Dean has spent over 20,000 hours in the game now and frequently revisits his favourite portion of OSRS; the early-to-mid game through new account builds. You can also find bite-sized runescape guides on Deans' YouTube channel

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