Pking can be very fun in Old School Runescape. There is simply something so thrilling about risking your gear while fighting in the wilderness!

However, pking on a main account is difficult as most players in the wilderness are pure builds and will easily kill you due to their more efficient combat stats.

In this guide, we’ll talk about every single pure pking build in osrs.

Some of them are quick to build like the 1 defence pure and some of them are a bit more elaborate like the zerker pure.

Every Pking Pure Build in OSRS

1 Defence Pures

1 Defence pures are the most common type of pure in osrs pking. They are common because 1 they are fun and 2 they actually don’t take very long at all to make.

F2P 1 Def Pure

F2P 1 Defence pures are a really fun type of pk build that don’t take long at all to make. These pures can be built in just a couple of hours (especially when using P2P training spots).

1 Defence pures have the following stats:

  • 40 Attack (to equip rune weapons)
  • high strength level
  • 40+ ranged
  • No magic or prayer level

These pures use a maple shortbow as their primary weapon for maximum DPS and a rune scimitar or 2 hand sword as their KO weapon.

P2P 1 Def Pure

P2P 1 Defence pures take a bit longer to create than their F2P counterparts but of course there is a lot more money to be made as well.

They also have a lot more options for variety than their F2P counterparts.

For example, a 1 Def pure can have anywhere from 50-75 attack depending on their spec weapon of choice.

1 Def pure stats:

  • 70+ ranged
  • 70+ strength
  • 43/52 prayer

1 Def pure spec weapons:

  • (50 attack) Granite Maul
  • (60 attack) Dragon claws/DDS
  • (75 attack) Armadyl godsword

Obby Mauler Pure

The obby mauler pure is a spin on the 1 defence pure where the pure only uses one weapon: the Tzhaar-ket-om which requires 60 strength to wield.

Obisidan pures will also wear the berserker necklace as this increases the damage of the obsidian maul by 20%.

Void Pure (42 Defence)

Void pures are essentialy ranged pures with the following stats:

  • 42 defence
  • 42 attack
  • 42 strength
  • 42+ hitpoints
  • 70+ ranged
  • 22 prayer

Void pures need 42 attack, strength and defence stats just to be able to wear void.

They also have to grind out pest control for many hours in order to obtain the full void knight equipment.

Void pures wear void for the 20% damage and 10% accuracy boost it gives to a player.

Zerker Pure (45 Defence)

This is one of the most elaborate types of pures in old school Runescape. Berserker pures have 45 defence and achieve this defence level completely through questing.

They also follow a very specific zerker pure quest guide in order to finish recipe for disaster (to obtain barrow gloves) while not going above their 45 defence limit.

Zerker pures have the following stats:

  • 45 defence
  • 43/52/70 prayer
  • 60/75/99 attack (depending on their spec weapon of choice)
  • 75+ strength

Since zerker pures take a really long time to build as they require high skilling stats in order to reach barrow gloves, many existing zerker pures in osrs are actually main accounts.

Ranged Tank

The ranged tank has the following stats:

  • High defence 80+ preferably 99
  • High ranged 80+ preferably 99
  • 77 prayer
  • 94 magic (for vengeance)

Now it’s your turn

Which pure are you creating?

Are you going all in and starting a zerker pure or are you more about the casual plays with a 1 defence pure?

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